Make Learning Chinese Easy

After moved to America, I have noticed that many people are interested in learning Chinese.But Chinese is so different and totally "new" languages for Americans, I know there are a lot of learners having problems on it. All I want to tell these people is that Chinese is not that difficult. We have few pronunciations for all the words( around 400, if you account the tunes, that is 400*4). For learning the words, first step is to learn the basic or easy words, next step is to learn the meanings of most common parts( bushou), for example “?”when you see this part, the words' meaning USUALLY is about or connected with mouth, like eat(?), drink (? ), blow(?). With knowing the simple words and meaning parts( bushou), then you learn more words easily, and that is how Chinese was created.

The difficult or you can say the fun part is this:by putting different words together, we create more meanings. Like English "classroom", two words together create one new word, it happens a lot in Chinese language. For example Chinese word" ?”,the original meaning is shooting part of bow, thanks to Chinese long history, the meaning changed and have few main meanings, one is " machine" ,We call plan fly machines,"?? ",we call mobile phone hand machine(??).One is " quick adapt", smart is'??' ,act fast is '?? '.One is "important part", ”??”means important secret, "??" means chance.


Still can not write Chinese words here.So Maybe I am the first person writing the tips of learning Chinese.


Juan L.

Chinese Tutor

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