Thinking Outside the Box

I am new to this blog but I wanted to send out a quick note. Tutoring can be an excellent opportunity for students to catch up, expand on what is already known, or even get ahead in their classes. Making the subject enjoyable to the student is the most important factor in getting that student interested in the topic. It doesn't matter what the subject is, if the student does not find it enjoyable, they will not like to study and learn about the material. Here are 5 quick tips that help make lessons fun.
  1)  make the lesson come to life. Act out the story or draw a picture.
  2)  relate the problem to the student. In math, make your word problems involve the students name as well as things they personally enjoy doing!
  3)  Have the student be the teacher. The student should be able to explain the topic in their own words, plus, they like being in charge for once!
  4)  Make the lesson into a game!
  5)  Turn the concept into a song or movie!
As a tutor or teacher, you have to come out of your shell and go crazy! The teachers that are most remember by students are the ones who make learning fun. Every lesson doesn't have to involve some wild and crazy example but each lesson should be enjoyable. When a student is stuck, try coming at it from a different angle. Even if it's not one you would normally choose for yourself.


Janay H.

Elementary, Middle School, and High School Math Tutor

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