A Young Artist

S., aged 14, invested a bit less time for homework last week, as she was very busy. However, she did experiment with pen-and-ink and has purchased markers and graphite pencils, as well as two sketchbooks of better paper. She is going on vaction soon and I hope she will take her sketchbooks along.

I suggested she start to think about drawing portrait and figure. I brought along "Anatomy for the Artist" by Jeno Barcsay and showed her how the artist breaks down human anatomy into components. The book is informative about the skeleto-muscular structure as well. We also discussed the problems of foreshortening while viewing objects (and bodies) in space. I suggested she draw a self portrait sketch or a portrait sketch for homework. Later, I emailed her links to figure sketches by great artists, from Durer and Da VInci to Singer-Sargent and Giacometti.

I also brought some small pages of good textured papers of various colors for her to try out, as newsprint is so limiting. She was able to get a feel for graphite as opposed to charcoal, and graphite powder. I also showed her some techniques of mixed media (just a beginner's approach) to try charcoal with pen and ink, or markers, on good paper.

Lastly, I showed her the technique of using charcoal or graphite powder to create a "glaze" on the paper, and then using the eraser to render light areas, then rendering the darker areas by drawing back in. She did an impressive sketch of a perfume bottle using this method, very quickly, and understood the idea completely.

She said she did not see the point of the composition tool I gave her last week, but I told her that once we start drawing from nature, she'll find it useful. When the weather improves, we'll do that.


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