Word of the month, March 2015: gut


gut (adjective/adverb) = good, well, all right,
(comparative: besser, superlative: am besten) /

Famous ones:

Gut, ich geh dann mal. = All right, I'm going.; if used as an interjection “gut” means “ok, all right, now then”,

Gutmensch, der = mostly meant to be derogatory, somebody who is excessively moralizing and naïve,

guten Morgen! = good morning; guten Abend = good evening …,

gutes Wetter = good weather, rare in Germany /

Be wary of so-called:

ungute (un+gut) Stimmung = bad mood; Heads up: „Nichts für ungut!“ means “no offense“,

sich zu gut für etwas sein = consider something beneath one or beneath one's dignity,

so gut wie nichts = next to nothing /


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