Tutoring Doesn't Have To Be Boring!

Tutoring can be fun! Exciting! Educational! It doesn't mean that a student is lacking intelligence; it means they are smart and motivated enough to take the time to become stronger in a subject! There are many ways that tutoring can become an adventure! First, all learning activities should take place in a fun, stress-free environment. Studying in the same room can become suffocating, so let's go to the park or library! An additional way tutoring can be fun is to provide plenty of snacks! Rewards in the form of food, (one skittle per page, making cookies when homework is completed) help keep the student focused and motivated, and provide vital fuel for their brain! A third way to make tutoring exciting is to involve the entire family! Make it a game! Have a difficult spelling test? Practice with a parent. Learning to read a hard book? Read aloud after dinner! Another way tutoring can be made fun is by dressing for success. Break out that new shirt and heels! Grab your cowboy hat and boots! If you feel successful and confident, then your work will reflect that! Lastly, transform your workspace into a cool area! Have a dream job? Decorate your desk to emulate your desired profession! Love books or robots? Stack them on shelves around you, get a new pen and prepare to enjoy working! Tutoring can be fun!


Kendall W.

Professional, Enthusiastic Tutor!!

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