Fun Art Lesson for a Small Girl

S.B. focused well for most of the hour of our art lesson. Observing that she is very detail oriented, I also noticed she likes repetition, which manifests in in repetitive pattern drawings. We were able to break away from that by playing some drawing games,then drawing out of a dinosaur book and making paper airplanes. However, I encouraged her to "decorate" the paper airplanes as homework with the patterns she likes, to keep within her comfort zone. She has a sense of humor and found the lesson fun partly because we jumped from one activity to another several times,, and partly because we succeeded to incorporate her love of pattern drawing into the larger lesson. Being 5, she has optional homework, which she seemed enthusiastic about. I stress that cleanup is always part of the lesson - ok so far but we'll see how that goes! I also suggested she keep her projects for a while so we can review them after a few lessons, and see what new things she has learned. This helps give direction to art-play.


Deborah S.

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