5 Tips For A Great Session

You have one hour with a college prep specialist who can help make your admissions/scholarship essays award winning.  How can you maximize your time?  Here are five tips to get the most out of your time:
  1. Come Prepared. - Bring the essay prompts from each of your colleges.  Bring a sample personal statement and resume.  Be sure to have any information necessary to complete an admissions essay, to include your GPA, test scores, and any major accomplishments.
  2. Know Thyself - Always know your stats.  During this time, knowing your GPA and SAT score is as important as knowing your name and birthdate.  Also, know (and have a list of) your interests, hobbies, favorite subjects, etc.  Have an idea of at least 3 possible majors and careers you would like to explore.
  3. Be on Time - There is a lot to cover!  The better prepared and earlier you are, the more likely we are to get a lot done. Also, I tend to take my time and give a little extra when the student is invested in the process.
  4. Be Focused - College prep time is not time to socialize, text or be otherwise distracted.
  5. Keep Your Eye On The Prize - My goal is to help you to win scholarship money and get accepted into the colleges you want to attend.


Martin C.

Writing Tutor - College Prep Specialist (Essays, Resumes, etc.)

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