5 Things That Make Tutoring Sessions Fun

Number One:  Getting to know the student through light conversation by asking things such as:  "Do you like school?"
"What is your favorite subject?"  "Who is your favorite teacher?"  "Do you have a best friend?" and similar questions.
Number Two:  Showing the student a small art or craft project or a photograph I have recently taken or worked on and talking briefly with them about it -- such as a piece of wood found in the yard that resembles an animal and is painted to look like that animal.
Number Three:  Drawing a picture with the student about a story we have read.  Then posting their drawing of the story along with mine on the wall by our tutoring table.
Number Four:  Playing cards or shooting dice to add or multiply the numbers on the cards or on the dice.
Number Five:  Letting my pet cat sit on our tutoring table during the tutoring sessions and making room for the cat by moving our books for the cat.  


Judy L.

Education Specialist, Patient and Knowledgeable

200+ hours
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