How to like a subject that you don't really like...

I remember taking some courses in my early years of undergrad that were pretty awful. The teaching wasn't that bad, and I was definitely awake for them (two key points to getting decent grades) but the subject matter just wasn't something I could ever see myself using. Sound familiar? 
Interestingly though, after changing my attitude, I saw that I can indeed use most things learned in most classes, if I am looking for the beneficial parts of each subject. I'm not saying that if you hate science you'll want to start studying the makeup of dirt all of a sudden, but I can definitely assure you that there is a way to dislike things less. We have to find ways to connect what math, science, English, or the like teaches us (even if it's under the surface) to what we love in life. 
I love children with cancer. You can see more about that here. And even though I had to write that on the front of a lot of notebooks over the years to remind me why I was studying anything to begin with, I learned some things I would have failed to acquire had I not kept my eyes on the goal. And since education is a gift, it's best that we do our best to soak it all in. 
Keep your eyes on the goal; you'll get there! 
...because learning is worth it. 


Shanna D.

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