Consistency and Your Investment

This blog is primarily for parents and guardians:
Why do I encourage students to attend after school tutoring for two hours every week day?  After all, the student could do a variety of other things during such time-span, right?  Though we live in an era of diversity, busy schedules, and opportunities; wisdom demands a solid focus on the most and more important.
You would not propose to build or buy a family home that has a predetermined weak, unstable, or failing foundation.  Most would take measures such as proactively focusing on, developing, repairing, and verifying the strength of the very layer the rest of the home's structure and future depends.  So much more should we do the same with our children, our future leaders!
My after school tutoring group strives to give these young people the time to filter out all the noise (hobbies, talent building, sports, video games, etc), and establish life skills while improving academic performance.  It takes practice; it takes setting aside time; and it takes partnering together to build a good foundation. Yes, you will need to put other things aside; however; such forward thinking and loving, deliberate steps will pay off in the lives of these kids. Please get in touch with me. I hear the heart of parents, guardians, and the future leaders entrusted to their care.
Thanks for listening!


Nancy V.

MS in Education and Published Writer Helping Children and Adults

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