When In Doubt, Don't Give Up

Hello to all of my fellow Wyzant tutors, 
I am Christina, a tutor specializing in K-12 Math out of the Metro Atlanta suburbs. I've been with Wyzant for a little over a month now. I am absolutely enjoying being a part of the Wyzant family and also my students' lives. Most of you would probably agree. You would probably also agree with me that this position comes with its many challenges. I want to share these four tips that helps me push forward with my students: 
  1. I am the reinforcer of any information my student has not grasped yet 
  2. I am there to help in any way (any ethical way) for my student to not only learn the material, receive a passing grade, and to move up to the next grade level, but to help build up his/her confidence. 
  3. I have the ability to make learning fun and innovative (such as incorporating his/her favorite hobbies, Sports team, etc.)
  4. If I have to re-teach some early concepts, I am able to because my student is my number one priority. 
Our students' parent/s has reached out to us because they believe in our abilities even though we haven't met face-to-face. It is our responsibility as current and future educators to be that motivation that many, if not all of our students need on a regular basis. 
So, when you have a less-than-satisfactory session, remember that you are usually your student(s) last hope to learning and attaining the information needed for them to be successful. 
Christina Stewart 
Future Educator for K-12 Math Tutoring 


Christina S.

Effective and Hands-On Math Tutor

20+ hours
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