Ellen's Choice: Reading Challenge Book 1: "Stormdancer," by Jay Kristoff

For the next few Ellen's Choices, unless I have a brilliant idea that must be discussed immediately, I'm going to start recapping the books I've read for my 2015 Reading Challenge.  The Challenge is an ambitious attempt to read one book a week for the entire year, selecting each book based on prompt items in a checklist.
Book 1: "A Book You Started But Never Finished"
For my first Reading Challenge book, I tackled "A book you started but never finished" - and boy, am I glad that I did! I've had Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff on my shelf for years, after I bought it and read the first few chapters, but got busy and lost interest. Turns out, this unassuming little book is an amazingly unique steampunk-dystopian-epic fantasy! The steampunk dystopia is thorough and riveting - I mean, c'mon, the sky is RED! And in amongst all the civil unrest, plots to overthrow society, and men clanking around in insectoid mechanical suits, there's a beautiful underlying plot about a young girl bonding with a mythic beast, confronting many different philosophies of life, and struggling to figure out her own. I'm definitely hooked for the next two!

Next up on the list: I tackled "a nonfiction book" and "a book of short stories."  Stay tuned!
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