New Students to WYZAnt

Are you a new student to WYZAnt? I am sure you may have a lot of questions, as well as some hesitations. The most common question I receive when working with new students is how does this program work. Some tutors may have different policies and procedures, but here is a brief overview of how I work with my students.
First, I will answer any and all of your questions as quickly as possible via email. Once payment information has been entered we can exchange phone numbers and speak over the phone in greater detail about your concerns and expectations for tutoring. Next, we can set-up our first tutoring session at a public library or coffee shop. Public locations are a great neutral meeting spot. Also, if you choose to meet at a library these locations are generally quiet and offer a wealth of resources to assist with student learning. I normally travel within 15 miles of Amelia, OH but there are times where I will make exceptions to meet at a location closer to your home. If the student has a big test coming up, I will be flexible to find time on short notice to help them prepare.
I offer a homework help and test guarantee program, which will be explained at our first meeting. In addition, I offer a 1 year rate lock guarantee from our first session. Once we have completed the first meeting, I will submit our lesson on the WYZAnt Website and provide a written review of our session. Payments for the lessons occur after the lesson is submitted in the WYZAnt Website.
Some parents wonder how often tutoring should occur. My answer is this depends on the individual. Some students need regular weekly (or even 2x per week) sessions while others only require 2-3 total. Also, the number of sessions depends on the parent's goals and expectations. I have had students who have raised their grades 2 or 3 letters within only a few sessions and no longer need tutoring services, where as  some children may benefit from regular assistance to maintain their grades. I also have students who will contact me randomly throughout the school year as their needs change. Ultimately, the number of tutoring sessions is up to the parent but I will offer advice based on my prior experience.
I always consider the student's best interests when making recommendations for tutoring. Tutoring to me is about helping children succeed, not how much of a paycheck I can get. Most of the income I earn goes to my gas and purchasing additional learning materials for my students. So far I have purchased numerous tutoring tools such as an abacus, puzzles, books, workbooks, markers, dry erase supplies, flash cards, and much more.


Jennifer H.

Pre-K Through College Tutor

50+ hours
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