Testimonial from Jeanie C.

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Sharona C. She was my Cantonese teacher that I met in Chinatown in San Francisco, California. She was an excellent teacher! She possessed all the necessary skills and characteristics that I needed in my teacher so that I could study at my best. She never got impatient and she was also willing to repeat herself, a hundred times if necessary for me, so that I would develop a better understanding. She was very encouraging as I was stumbling my way through the Cantonese language. She had energy and was engaging every session, even though most of our sessions were late at night! She was very flexible with my schedule also. I worked various hours throughout the week and she was able to meet with me three times a week despite having to schedule different days every week.
Along with being so flexible, she was also very accommodating when it came to finding a location to do our lessons. With my hectic schedule, strange sleeping hours, and everything else, we were able to find a way to practice Cantonese together by completing our lessons using video chat. She really did go out of her way to make sure that I got every opportunity available to learn Cantonese.
In conclusion, Sharona went above and beyond her duties as a teacher to make sure that her student (me in this case) learned as much as possible. When someone really loves their job, it shows. And I can tell Sharona really loves what she does by the way she acted when interacting with her during our lessons. It was a pleasure working with her. In the future, if the opportunity arises again and my situation changes, I would not hesitate to return to her and have her as my Chinese teacher again.


Student 2015


Sharona C.

Patient, Enthusiastic Language, Language Arts and Science Tutor

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