5 Outside of the Box Tips to Make Tutoring Lessons Fun

Tutoring may be boring at times, but with children, it is essential to make the process fun. Most importantly, the child needs to be engaged in learning and understand what is going on. Without this, tutoring is pointless.
  1. The first tip in tutoring is to not be so serious. The tutor needs to present themselves as friendly, making the child feel comfortable. You may want to make jokes, laugh a little, or just have a smile on your face. This helps the person relate to you and not feel pressured to be perfect. After all, tutoring is seeing the mistakes people make and correcting them.
  2. The second tip is to stray from the crowd. Do not do the same things over and over again. People need variety. Variety of problems, examples, explanations, etc. To give a person a well rounded education and knowledge of a subject, you need to cover all of the points. This relates back to keeping the attention of the person.
  3. Third, tailoring your lessons to the student is key. Not everyone learns the same way, so if you normally teach one way and the person is not understanding it, try teaching a different way. Multiple explanations are important, rather than just regurgitation. 
  4. Fourth, it may help to be active. This means getting out of the chair and moving around. It could be physically adding things together for math, pointing at different objects for languages, or even drawing your own map for history and other subject. Sitting down may not engage the person, so being active will certainly get not only their body working, but their brain too.
  5. Lastly, it is important to listen to the student. What do they like to do? What don't they like to do? If you can make the tutoring relatable to the things they enjoy, they will have a much easier time applying the things they learn to everyday life.
Those are my tips for making tutoring fun. Enjoy! 


Emily B.

Fun and Laid Back Tutor for Elementary Level Math and Spanish

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