Lightroom vs Photoshop

So you keep hearing about Photoshop being this and that - the power application for decades ! ~yeah it's been the indusrty leader since the 1980's true, but what other options do you have for photo editing, printing ? Well it's kinda funny, ADOBE makes both Photoshop and Lightroom. Both do things very differnetly and yet both can work seamlessly together.
What one lacks the other makes up for brillantly.
The caveat here is the huge learning curve associated with these two mega applications. Tools on both are similar yet different, the windows are desined differnetly plus the location of items are complety unfamiliar from one to the other. So what is needed is a good grasp on both applications to utilize the awesome power of both combined.
Truly, knowing these two apps together gives you a powerhouse of tools for any photographer on any level. So the answer is USE BOTH !


Lawrence R.

Art - Photography - Astronomy - Apple

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