WyzAnt Rewards

In the survey about the usefulness of the WyzAnt Rewards Program, I chose "Yes," that it is useful. So far I have not changed my behavior because of this program, but I think that there are those people who might work harder to get a tee-shirt of an extra bonus amount of money. So why did I select "Yes" regarding the program, even if it does not affect me?
Everything these days needs to have some kind of recognition built in the be successful.  Just because the WyzAnt program doesn't have that much to entice me into greater excellence (could anything make me better than I already am?), I believe that they might in the future. Earning a medal, a pin, a bottle of wine might all be in the future, and I'm here for that.
Actually, my best reward from WyzAnt is the relationships that I can build with my students -- AND I GET PAID FOR IT, TOO!! WyzAnt is a wonderful program for both students and teachers to be involved in, and any Rewards Program is just icing on a nutritious and delicious cake.


Salle H.

English language, pronunciation and written communication

1250+ hours
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