The importance of parent roles in student success

Tutoring students for several years, I have realized that the relationship my students have with their parents plays a major role in their success with me and in school. I find that parents who are supportive, yet assertive and set clear boundaries and expectations of success for their children, breed motivation in their children's educational work. Parents certainly need to be assertive and care for the progression of their child's success and education. It's important. I post this blog because I want to help parents be encouraging in a kind and empathic manner in which their child can feel supported and proud of doing what it takes to do their best to succeed.
Talk to your child. Ask about their struggles. Ask him/her about how the tutoring lessons are going. Are they connecting with the tutor in a beneficial/educational way? Do they feel the tutor cares about the child's wellbeing? Are they grasping concepts? 
Connect with your children and be supportive. Today's market and education is at its most competitive. Most parents were not taking AP classes, joining 5 different clubs, while practicing a sport, studying for the SATs, applying to colleges, all while trying to actually be a teenager or kid. Our Children need support and love and care. 


Dania F.

I tutor in English, Arabic, and Math, individualizing lesson plans

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