5 Tips to Make Learning Fun

1. Colors help the brain absorb information better. It also makes any subject at hand more interesting and appealing to the eye.
2. Note taking should never be a duty, I like to incorporate fun ways to write out notes that'll help with memory.
3. Music to set a relaxing but stimulating mood for the student.
4. Every 15 minutes, students need a quick break from focus to keep their attitude positive and upbeat. 
5. The finish line should always be promising and have a silver lining. I like to let my students have something to look forward to when they complete their task at hand. 


These are some tips I have compiled from my past tutoring and volunteering experience. Working with kids is never easy until you find a way to make it fun for you and the student. 


Lok-Yee L.

STEM Tutor Specializing in Test Prep (SHSAT, SAT, Regents)

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