Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Hello Everyone!
Learning a new language is exciting, but at times it can feel overwhelming. I consider myself lucky that I can share my knowledge and experience with my students. I am not perfect, and I am still learning. My outside the box tips are the following:
1.Being honest and admitting that you have to research as well although you are the tutor shows the student that there is no shame in not being perfect.
2. Tailoring the learning experience to the student will have a motivating effect on both tutor and student. 
3. Remember your audience! Adults, teenagers and children appreciate different tutoring approaches to feel empowered and comfortable.
4. "60 minutes and that's it!" What's the harm in taking 5 more minutes to finish up a lesson and/or answer an additional question?!
5. I enjoy adding fun facts to my lessons which can be about language, customs and/or courtesies. Make your student smirk, giggle and laugh and beg for more.
Happy Tutoring and Happy Learning!


Andrea B.

German Tutor looking for student!

20+ hours
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