Why Children Saying "I Be" Is Detrimental

Today, I overheard a little boy tell his mother, " I be going to play with my friends," and I almost jumped out of my skin. Over and over again, I have heard small children speak grammatically incorrect and their parents do nothing to correct them. The adage, "The children are our future", is more important than many know. The next generation that is being raised and groomed will be the future leaders of the world, the ones who will decide the important moves that the world will make, and by speaking grammatically incorrect, they are being hindered from reaching their full potential. What is worse, I have heard other children on several occasions completely eradicate the verb (as well as other important parts of speech) from their sentences, or completely destroy the entire structure: "She ready...He finna go...I be at my daddy house...Him tired." All of these instances are from not only the lack of not being properly taught, but picking up on the parent(s), or an environment's, improper usage. It is crucial for the success of every child to be allowed to learn how to speak correctly, because without that knowledge, I be writing like this.


Hi Tiffany,
I call it the To-Be or the Being dilemma. Unfortunately, it is not just small children who are guilty of this incorrect usage of the verb. Adults constantly make this mistake too-The crux of this "I Be" detriment.
I agree, Rochelle. But I work with small children, so this is a constant problem that I witness. What's more is that there are adults who speak this way, as you have stated, and the fact that those who speak grammatically incorrect and do not see a problem (or ignore that there is one) is terrible.


Tiffany S.

M.A., English Major for Test Prep and Writing Services

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