5 Things To Know

1. I believe that a hard work ethic is indefinitely more valuable than pure genius. i admire those parents and students who are actively seeking out resources to better themselves.

2. I'm a huge lover of knowledge. If I'm tutoring you in math and you say you love history I will try to send you resources not only for the math I'm teaching you, but also the things that interest you. Learning shouldn't be a chore.

3. Tutoring isn't about me. It's about learning what fits your style. Some people like doing homework, and some people want a second lecture. It's all about finding what works for each individual client.

4. I want to see you succeed. If that means staying an extra thirty minutes because you need help, and I see that you're actively trying to understand I want to stay and help.

5.  Each student has dreams however big or small they may be. It may seem now that you don't need to know any math because you want to be a writer- but the skills you gain from critical thinking and analyzing new problems will follow you no matter what. Once you realize the value of your education it becomes easier to put more time and effort into it I believe. 


Marissa J.

Patient Math, Chemistry, and Specialized Test Tutor

10+ hours
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