Working with kids

Working with kids first starts with communication. Children respond well to those who let them speak. They feel more comfortable about you when they know that you are the type of person who will allow them a chance to voice their opinions without speaking over them. When you listen rather than talk over and judge what they say they are more open to you to discussing topics, especially school. Naturally kids don't like going to adults for help for a number of reasons, so in order to get them to want to open up you need to establish good communication skills with them.

The second important aspect is trust. You must build a relationship with them. They have a teacher already just as they have parents. It's the tutors responsibility to be a mentor and friend to their the kid(s) they are assigned to. Much like a "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" relationship, you want to show that you are there to be a guide and supportive. You are a friend but at the same time you are someone they are looking towards to be a leader.

The third is patience. When it comes to helping anyone you can't have it in your mind that you are going to do it at your pace. The same goes with children. Everyone learns differently and at different paces so just because you may have one child picking up on a subject quick you can't assume that another child will and should be the same. When teachers and parents show frustration for a child not understanding what they are learning it is just as frustrating for that child as well, and that is what makes them unmotivated to continue with their work and come to others for help. With any child you tutor you must be willing to work at their pace. Remember tutoring is about helping THEM so that they have a long term understand. If you need to slow things down for them, do it. Take baby steps because tutoring is for their benefit and they deserve the best treatment.

The fourth is structure. We know in general all kids need structure and it's no different when you are tutoring. When it comes to my methods, I always start off with the subject I know my kid struggles with the most. When you start off with the hard stuff and end with the easy stuff you end on positive note. Kids see easy work as more fun and enjoyable. If you let them do that first then once they get to the stuff they don't like you see that they begin to have focus issues and are more concerned about doing work that's easy. Also It is useful to find out from them how they comprehend things so that you can incorporate that into teaching them how to understand their school work. An another tip is to provide extra work for practice purposes in relation to the same topics they are already studying.

If you apply all these aspects you will have a great connection with all the kids under your service. They will learn and achieve great success in school and you will build more on your character and social skills when it comes to other individuals.


Deir C.

Child, Adolescent, and College Tutor

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