Grammar: It Doesn't Have to be Dull!

I have a love-hate relationship with grammar.  The only reason I have a degree in History instead of English is due to my distaste for grammar... and yet, in my free time, I giggle over grammar and spelling blogs on tumblr.  
Exhibit A: This blog takes everything from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and deconstructs it into sense (and nonsense). 
While I appreciate the humor, it is a bit awkward to consider the things people use to fill their time.  I digress.
I suppose the disgruntlement with grammar could be due to the cut-and-dry aspect of it- either you are grammatically correct or incorrect.  Much like numbers in math, commas cannot be thrown about willy-nilly.  Unless you are e. e. cummings, punctuation and capitalization is integral to deciphering meaning.  
In the end, writing is much like any other hobby or activity: after mastering the basics, it is possible to be adventurous and creative.  
Here are some websites that try to be creative with their approaches to grammar:
A blog that goes into the extremely technical aspects of grammar using pop culture references.  
A blog that tracks some of the worst abuses of the comma (or lack of it) in modern and historical media.  Fairly humorous.
Much like above, but this website tracks the worse abuses of the apostrophe.
This is a bit of a mature-humor blog on grammar, so please watch out for adult language.
If you have a question, just ask the grammar cop! (Or you can kill some time and look at previous "Dear Grammar Cop" letters)
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