What are your 5 outside the box tips that help make your tutoring lessons fun?

First off, I think that if learning isn't fun or engaging, it will not be successful. With that being said, here are my five tips for helping create a more interactive, less stifled learning experience.
Tip One- Learning doesn't only occur inside of the classroom. Museums, parks, libraries and many other places can be great spots to talk a student who doesn't respond well to the typical classroom setting.
Tip Two- Incorporate passions pertaining to that particular student. When a subject becomes relatable, it becomes easier to understand.
Tip Three- Identify the students strengths, and merge them with their hobbies and interests. If a student likes baseball, figure out how baseball can help him or her understand probabilities, statistics and more.
Tip Four- Make a game out of the lesson plan. Many lessons can be turned into game-show type trivia games that are more engaging than a regular lecture or a handwritten assignment.
Tip Five- Be engaging and never talk down to someone you are trying to teach.


Kathleen O.

Well Rounded Tutor with a Passion for Knowledge

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