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Hi Everyone!
In lieu of an introduction, I thought to share some of my favorite Mandarin Chinese characters with all of you.
??: ? bing3
This is a beautiful food-related word that doesn't translate perfectly into English. Somewhat similar to the French crepe or 'galette', a ? is a generally delicious and very thin flatbread or pancake. Usually round, examples include ?? bing3gan1 which means 'cookies' or English-style biscuits and ??? 'green onion pancakes' as frequenters of Northern-influenced Chinese Restaurants might be aware. Given its flexibility and overall tastiness, it will point you in the direction of some lovely things on your average menu. If it's a ?, I'd generally recommend it!
??: ? zhou1
Another food-related word, I love this one especially for its visual appeal. 'Zhou' is congee, or rice porridge, a beloved Chinese breakfast food. Sometimes eaten with ?? (you2tiao2, fried Chinese breadsticks) and generally savory, ? is a staple all over China and beyond. The hanzi has the character ? mi3 for rice right in the center of it, which makes sense, since that's what its typically made of!
??:? a5
In spite of my adoration of Chinese cooking, this character might be my favorite. It belongs to the fabulous family of toneless exclamations like ?, ? and ? and it may be the most commonly used. It's pronunciation says it all, turns out screaming "Aaah!" is multilingual. Examples include "?????~!“ [Ah! So cuuute (as that)!] and “???” (Aaa, so tired!). It definitely adds a little 'fluent flavor' and becomes pretty fun and addictive to use.
Do any of you have favorite characters so far? I'd love to hear them!


Ana L.

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