I'm Almost Finished Reading Losing Our Way by Bob Herbert

     This novel, copyright 2014 First Edition, might make you a little "antsy, i.e. nervous" as I have felt while reading it. I'm 2/3 of the way through and have left the first part about our nation's failing infrastructures, the second about war predicaments, and now the school systems. Each has inherent problems for US citizens to not only recognize but interpret. It covers this century and the hardships that we are faced with. Calamitous situations to understand in this book have made me feel I should do something. Here I am blogging. Next I'll perhaps write to our senators or representatives or a judge. 
     Each reader can be a winner by making choices that are based on those of the characters in his book. Find what they do that is wrong and right and which repairs you can "fix" any failing structures with. His accounts are factual and many possible and essential to deflect before the same happens in your area. Here is an example. On page 149, he quotes a principal. In the quote he tells us, "I remember this one mother. I'd had some tough conversations with her because her daughter was often late. The mom had it in her mind that the school was out to get her. Then she had a fire. The little girl came in to tell me. The next day we gave the mother a gift certificate for $200 and we got some food to the family. Even the other children tried to help. They chipped in and got a coat for the little girl. She couldn't fit in it. It was the wrong size. But was the thought that counted." Is anything wrong in the account given in this one short paragraph?
     You are students, educators, parents of students, and US citizens that can benefit from reading what Mr. Herbert has to say. His in-depth coverage of stress, negligence, statistics of 21st century events, comparisons of 50 years ago to now, and more will boost your confidence as you see that the fire is out rather than burning in each of us low. I am grateful for the experience of critically thinking using Mr. Herbert's accounts, the chance to be patient and careful as his passages move me toward being proactive, and the ability to find light shed on structural weaknesses that he speaks of and that I haven't not recognized. As antsy as sitting still while reading through this entire novel within three days has gotten me, I feel relief because his accounts are a summary that was released just this year. I feel I'm up to date now on the progress and impedance within our nation's structures, and I also don't have as many questions, ones that I never even vocalized earlier. Even my video choices changed dramatically within the one week I have had this book.  To your health, Carol
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