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Schedule for SAT Crash Course:

Lesson 1: Test Basics, Sentence Completions (singles and doubles), Short Paragraphs
Lesson 2: Long Passages (Narrative, Expository, Persuasive)
Lesson 3: Double Passages, Difficult Passages, Essay
Lesson 4: Grammar Basics (Voice, Parallelism, Continuity, Conciseness)
Lesson 5: Verb and Pronoun Errors
Lesson 6: Modifier, Comparative, Idiom, Confused Word Errors

SAT English Basics

Reading Section: (70 minutes)
Sentence Completions 19 Questions Worth 30%
Reading Passages 48 Questions Worth 70%

Writing Section: (60 minutes) 
Grammar: Worth 70%
Identifying Sentence Errors 18 Questions
Improving Sentences 25 Questions 
Improving Paragraphs 6 Questions
Essay (25 minutes) Graded from 2-12 Worth 30%

1 point given for each question answered correctly. -¼ point for each question answered incorrectly. No points for unanswered questions.

Tips for the Test

1) Use your test booklet! You may write as much as you like in your test booklet (but not your bubble sheet) so be an active test taker and mark your test.
  • Eliminate wrong answers
  • Mark important reading sections
  • Mark questions you skipped or are unsure of

2) Make educated guesses!
  • Eliminate at least 2 choices before guessing
  • When in doubt, decide if the answer should be Positive, Negative, or Neutral
  • Focus on what you know

3) Be efficient!
  • Do the easy questions first
    • If you are stronger in a certain type of question begin answering those questions first
  • Don’t get stuck on one question for too long
  • Become familiar with the directions and how certain types of questions are structured so you don’t waste time
  • Check the time often or have a clock in front of you

4) Mark your answer sheet correctly!
  • Make sure you bubbled in clearly and there are no stray marks
  • If you skipped a question, make sure you continue to bubble in correctly
  • Write your essay clearly and within the lines of the answer sheet


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