Five Outside the Box Tips That Make Tutoring Fun!

1) You can have fun and be silly, but still increase focus on the subject
When I taught piano lessons to a 5-year-old girl, I would start off by asking her to find the weirdest, funniest sound that she could find on the keyboard, and then ask her to play the song she had practiced for that week in that sound! She always would laugh and make faces, but it made the repetition of practicing the same song over and over less monotonous and more fun! This would start our lessons off on a great note, and they would be more of a game or exploration of music than just a class.
2) Take a snack break
After about 30-45 minutes of studying the same subject, it can get tiring and hard to focus. Our brains need a break! Stopping 30 minutes into a tutoring session to have a quick snack or drink can really help to give your mind the rest it needs to be able to refocus and start refreshed after the break!
3) Talk about your worries or stresses about the subject
It is a huge step to reach out and get tutoring; it can be uncomfortable at first, but it doesn't have to be. In my own experiences as a student, pushing back my stress or worries always seemed to make them grow. When I was able to just say exactly what I was thinking or worried about to a friend, they were able to encourage me and I was then able to start studying again with a bit more confidence!
4) Create something new
Studying another subject doesn't mean that you have to just stare at the study materials people have already made. It can be rewarding to have a journal that you write down an interesting thought you had during the tutoring session, or a fact that you would like to remember, or even a thought or a question that you had about something related to the subject during the week before the tutoring session. Then, you have something you can take ownership of - who knows what that could lead to!
5) Use unusual examples
Instead of just reading something you don't like, or solving a math problem about something you could care less about; why not think outside the box and use your creativity? When studying vocabulary or math problems, we can tailor the lesson together to include your favorite sports team, celebrity, singer or anything, really! It can be a fun way to break the ice to talk about your hobbies or things you like, and then work together to incorporate them. Personalizing the subject can make memorizing and retaining information easier and more interesting!


Hey, Chelsea, I love it. You must be a great teacher and a great tutor.
What a wonderful creativity to bring to teaching.
Thank you, Roger A. - I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog!


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