Film Production Fundamentals #1: Pre-Pro

Hi, I have over 30 years working in the entertainment production fields, mostly in film and music and mostly in Los Angeles.
I am a currently working Cinematographer, Producer, Art director and Property master.
I will periodically share some of my lessons learned and general thoughts in regards to film studies and film and video production. My comments will be in regards to fiction/narrative filmmaking unless otherwise stated.
Fundamental # 1:
Films are made in Pre-Production, not the editing room.
By completing a thorough pre-production process, your film shoot will go smoother, be less expensive, require fewer creative compromises and look more like you envisioned at the outset. "Fix it in post" is what happens when impatience, lack of pre planning and inexperience rule the day. Be smart - vet your film plans in pre-production, and to the "nth" degree, leave nothing to chance, leave no stone unturned, question every choice by every participant as to what and why any of it should be on-screen. Be brutal - if it does not advance your story agenda, be it dialog, set dressing, a stylistic camera move, color blocking, etc. - then why is it there? Narrative films are ultimately about story, so take care that your story is always the star of your film/video.


Joe V.

Experienced and Inspired Film production/Film studies Tutor

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