How to have fun and learn


I wanted to share something with everybody which seems obvious to me, but I'm not sure everyone is on the same page.

Have you ever had a terribly boring school teacher?
I bet you have because we all have at some point!
It doesn’t mean that these teachers are all uneducated in their subject, (although they might be…) it just means that either:
A. They aren’t involved enough in their field to have passion for it
B. They don’t know how to transmit that passion to students effectively

To be able to have fun or at least gain respect, understanding, or interest in a subject - the subject must be presented in an interesting way.
It seems obvious when you put it that simply, but some or most teachers don’t care enough to even pretend to be excited, passionate or involved in their field.
This makes learning from these teachers very difficult, especially if the students are self-sufficient learners.

——That is where I come in ——

I bring the fun, interest, and understanding to concepts that the average teacher or tutor cannot seem to find. If you have or ever have in the future a teacher who inspires you in any subject, and they seem like a happy, well-doing person - stick with them. Soak up all the information and advice they have about, not just the technical parts of whatever you are learning, be it math, music, or science, but even more importantly try to figure out in them what makes them have such a passion for a subject - because then you have a chance of finding that passion too!

Do not settle for average
-average enjoyment
-average grades
-average life

Take your education - and in turn your quality of life - to the next level
Do not just pass the class, learn to enjoy it and appreciate it the old fashion way
First hand, one-on-one, regularly, from someone who already does

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