A Game of Geometric Constructions

     Although I enjoy geometric constructions, as in solving geometric problems with the equivalent of a string, I find that many students have little to no interest in them. I particularly like learning about how ancient cultures such as the Egyptians used them to design Pyramids where the error in the corners are about 1/300 of one degree, much more accurate than can be seen and even more accurate than almost all houses built today. Although learning about their history is interesting there is not a lot of places to apply this knowledge in the modern world, i've solved some problems in surveying with geometric constructions but there are always more advanced CAD methods which can also do the trick; which is why I was happy to find Euclid The Game.
     This is a straightforward game that applies all the basic principles of geometric constructions into a fun little game. Although it doesn't require the attention to detail the Egyptians would have applied since it is computer based, it does require the same type of thinking and creative application of a few geometric constructions. Anyone looking for a way to apply geometric constructions, something to work your mind, a good puzzle game, or even just to explore some interesting geometric concepts should check this game out.
    The link to the first level is below.
    Some of the levels are fairly difficult, despite tutoring students in geometry I still had to review a couple concepts for the last problem and one in the middle.


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