GMAT Test Day Strategies

#1. You must lose some battles before you can win the war.-“Timing”
you have 2 minutes for every quant question (37 Quant Q’s total) and about 90 seconds for each verbal question (41 Verbal Q’s total.)  There will be a clock on your screen that counts down how many minutes you have left for that particular section.
While verbal can be a bit more confusing due to the reading comprehension passages, Quant/Math questions are clear-cut.  How do you get keep pace?  Set some mile-markers by memorizing the ones I’ve listed below.  At each minute, you should ideally be at the question listed.  If you’re too slow, speed up a little bit, but not too much.  If you’re too fast, take a deep breath.
75 minutes-37 Questions
60 minutes- Question 7
45 minutes- Question 15
30 minutes- Question 23
15 minutes -Question 30
10 minutes-Question 33
5 minutes- Question 35
2 minutes-Question 37
#2. Don’t be Late- arrive at least 30 minutes in advance
#3. Know what to Expect- when you walk in, you will sign the testing agreement, present a valid photo ID (aka driver’s license,) have your palm scanned (FYI: you will also have to scan your palm in order to get back into the testing room after breaks,) get your picture taken, and place all your personal items in a locker (which will be given to you by the staff.)
FYI: You are NOT allowed to bring anything into the test, including the following:
Cell phone
Study Materials (pretty obvious if you ask me)
They will Give you booklet of 5 Note-boards and marker to use for writing notes, calculations, etc…don’t worry about running out of room.  If you need more note-boards, (raise your hand and ask) that’s a sign that you need to guess more and write less.  Timing is so important on this test.  Remember, you must lose some battles before you can win the war.
Breaks-there will be 2 breaks, but raise your hand because you need a test center guy to walk you out of the room (they’re super paranoid about cheaters it seems.)  Use the breaks to go to the bathroom (even if you don’t have to) but be back in time for the test to start.
Good Luck!  And remember to keep breathing.



Kristin C.

Proven GMAT and ACT Tutor

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