Online Tutoring - Time Referentai Reframe

Online tutoring has one special BONUS which few people think about when seeking out tutoring. The time element is changed and made astoundingly different.
Imagine being able to have three 20 minutes sessions over the course of one afternoon instead of a one hour slotting. What if your tutor could go over the subject for 30 minutes, have you start working and come back to you in an hour to check in and review questions.
Working with your tutor online allows you to schedule increments of time. The time allocation difference is valuable for all types of students.
-Some students need a longer period of time to concentrate/practice.
-Some students would like an explanation and then try some independent work with a check in.
-Some students can squeeze in 1/2 hour before a piano lesson and then 1/2 hour after dinner.
-When students are young, 1 hour can be far too long.
I discuss these options with parents when explaining the value of on-line tutoring. Manipulating time benefits students and tutors. It leads to more tutoring time and less driving/traffic time as well as avoiding a one hour lesson where one may not be necessary.
Students from the Millennial Generation are comfortable and adept with technology. Most students are adaptable once they realize how time allocation can be helpful to tutoring in general.


That is a great idea! - especially for Math.  How has it worked for you to convince the parents and students so far?


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