Tutor As Coordinator

Before I realized I had a gift in tutoring as a professional activity in and of itself, I used to do a little bit of it as part of my job as a 1-on-1 and Family Community Support and Intensive In-Home behaviorist.  While I performed many functions which straddled the fence between mental health and social work, a large part of my job involved coordinating between my clients (usually teens and/or their family members), parents, teachers, other medical professionals, community leaders such as activities coaches and clergy, and etc.  
Today, I find that one of the things that propels my tutoring into the realm of excellence is my ability to coordinate with parents, teachers, siblings, other students, etc. to ensure students are working with the appropriate content, are properly motivated, and experience realistic social situations (sometimes supportive, sometimes challenging) in order to maximize student enjoyment and achievement.
For example, if I am implementing a discipline/reward system with a student, it only works if I am able to coordinate that system with the parent, so the student truly "buys into" the system and is appropriately deterred/motivated.  Often times there is a particular range of skills which must be taught, tested, and reinforced over a range of tutoring sessions, and the order may not be so crucial in and of itself.  In such a case, however, coordinating that order with the particular skill sets being focused upon in class may be crucial to maximizing student's absorption of the material.  In tutoring test prep, I have found coordinating "real-life" practice tests with multiple students to be unmatched during those final weeks of preparation.  Besides, such proctored practice events allow multiple students to benefit at the same time, allowing me to charge everyone a lower rate, if any rate at all.
I may not be the best tutor or the best coordinator to ever broach academia.  I excel at both, however, and when these two are combined, I consistently find tutoring to be an enjoyable, successful endeavor which allows me to form unique relationships, receive encouraging feedback, and experience the feeling of watching a student reach his or her maximum potential.  Oh what a blessed symphony learning can be when it is properly orchestrated!


Adam R.

Patient, precise, professional. 13 years of experience. Family values.

200+ hours
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