My BIG Secret

My Big Secret

A lot of people give me flattering feedback which I greatly appreciate, but it also humbles me to recognize that I am not special. I am certainly no genius! Let me share my secret.

The reason I connect with students and get fast results is because I know exactly how they feel. I know their frustrations, and doubts, and weak points. I really do!


Because I used to struggle too. It seems insane to say that I struggled in school, but it is true. Math (back in Scotland) was a nightmare - especially math. I was lousy at math all the way through!

What? Yes.

And now you want to tutor my child!?!? Yep!

My secret is this .....

When I graduated from school my overall grades were good enough to get into university - all except math. I made the first (of many stupid decisions in my life). I signed up for Mechanical Engineering.
Wasn't that crazy? That first year in college was horrible. I groaned and grunted and cried with frustration. I just could not do it. Math was impossible.

They kicked me out. Panic set in big time. What was I to do with my life? What now?

On stage comes my best friend's father. Mr. Angus B. I owe him my life because he saved me.

Mr. B. said that if I wanted to move forward, then the best way was to learn concepts to the point where I could explain them to somebody else.
Who? Me?
He turned without a word and returned a few hours later.

Mr. B. walked in carrying a big pile of math books and dumped them in front of me on the table. He simply said, “You start Monday.” "Start what?", I squealed.

He got me a job as a math teacher! He was well connected and got me the job with no interview - no application. Nothing! Zip. Nada! Boy! Was I scared now. I was consumed with fear and about to die.

“Just do it.”, he said. Well, I trusted him and dove into those books like a madman. Now the battle wasn't to pass a test or exam. It was to survive the wrath of my future students (who would surely have to be dumber than me)

Monday evening came - and I survived. Then Tuesday and Wednesday too. I did this for a year, Monday thru' Friday - five nights a week - and - everything fell into place. ALL the basic concepts I had struggled with for years became obvious while I explained to my students (who never guessed I was really teaching myself).

Lesson learned? I changed my attitude. I quit believing I was stupid. I quit believing math was hard. I worked hard! And - math - was a breeze.

My diploma is here on the wall. First Class Honors Graduate. #1. The go-to guy. The best in class!

Genius? No way! Hard work did it as I started to believe I could learn if I wanted to - hard enough!

So, that is why and how I relate to students because I know how they feel and I know where the weaknesses are. I know the shortcuts and I know how to explain clearly and succinctly.

Thank you, Mr. B. I would never have made without your firm wisdom - and push!

Now I can help your child - upward. You can too!


R Bruce N.

5 Stars (Top 1% USA) Algebra, Trig, Calculus, Physics, +

3250+ hours
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