Music: If it's not fun, change it!

I've been through a long journey with music, and have changed my style and genre focus according to what is fun for me. Music is my profession and my passion, so if I'm not absolutely loving it, why bother?
Here are my tips that make my tutoring fun!
1. ASK QUESTIONS! What does my student want to learn? What musicians do they admire? Who do they want to sound like? What songs do they want to cover? Why do they love music so much? This lesson isn't about me, it's about the student. I'm here to help them along on their journey, and give them the skills and reinforcement they need to get there!
2. BE SILLY! Music is personal, and I have experienced musician's shyness myself from time to time. By letting my students know that lesson time is the time to learn, be silly, be yourself, and make mistakes, they can let go of needing to feel "perfect" and just focus on improving! Music isn't about perfection, it's about expression.
3. REWARDS for practicing! Depending on the student's age, I will give a reward like candy, stickers, etc, if they're completing their practice assignments in a timely manner. When I was little taking piano lessons, I can still remember wanting to finish learning a song so I could get a pony sticker on top of it! Most people don't realize it's the little things that matter the most, especially when you're teaching.
4. Change of environment! I like to play outside, so if it's at all possible I'll see if a student would like to have a lesson at the beach, or at the park. It's fun to switch up the lesson routine and possibly give an impromptu concert for passeryby!
5. Set GOALS! Pick a song the student would like to learn and put a time limit on it (something reasonable but still challenging). Learn the song bar by bar, or line by line, or page by page, starting with the end of the song. It always makes me feel more accomplished to reach a goal, especially if I set in place somewhere I'm going to perform! 


Erin M.

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