Through the Looking-Glass

Liquid Crystal Display

Sometimes you don't have to venture farther than your own backyard to discover an intriguing photograph. The combination of the pattern on the tablecloth, the filtered light with deep, black shadows, along with the remarkable water droplets combine to create an interesting scene.

South Florida has had an exorbitant amount of rain this year, so our patio, along with all that resides out there, is in a constant state of saturation. Because of this my lovely wife placed a clear plastic cover over our outdoor tablecloth to protect it.

Once the daily hurricane-like rain stopped and the sun started to shine through; huge water droplets formed on the tabletop appearing almost like mercury from a broken thermometer or like liquid crystal. It was so unusual, and it created such a unique scene, I just had to photograph it.


Craig L.

World-Class Photojournalist with Over 10,000 Photos Published

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