Tutoring Tips for Students that are on the Spectrum?

Tutoring appears to be one of the best ways to increase the academic performance for a child that has been identified to be "on the spectrum". With an increasing number of spectrum-identified school-age children that are entering public and private institutions in lieu of homeschooling, working with students that learn differently is probably one of the best ways to help traditional teachers to boost their I.Q. I have found that multiple strategies work but they also have to be simplistic in nature. Parents and children can benefit from a tutor that does not sound or look like the classroom teacher, especially, if they are experienced and creative. The "spectrum" ranges from mild to severe so please don't seek a "one user plan" but rather create a "playbook" of learning manipulatives, charts, color coded folders, and a "bottle of enthusiasm". I prefer to use simple analogies, magazines, online research databases, diagrams and pictures to help a student that is struggling with writing. If a student needs assistance with math they can help me construct a step-by-step personalized resource book to use with independent learning. The  main ingredient for any tutor that has an affinity for working with special learners is the inclusion of the family  in the learning process.


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