Ryan's Fiction Formula - An Introduction

As a journeyman author of fiction, poetry, and general web content, it's getting harder and harder to not talk about the subject of writing. I feel as if all the writing I've done up until this point in my life was training, and the disappointment of sloppy wordsmithing over the years was just practice for even bigger disappointments. As a writer, it's important to remember you are one of many, many, many, many, many others out there trying to do the exact same thing; get published.
It's certainly hard to stay positive in world where getting a short story published is about as common as winning $100 on a scratch off. It happens, and you hear people talk about how it happened to them, but some of us just don't pick the lucky cards (or think of the lucky ideas). But every once in a while you come across an idea that is worth investing in. And you know it's probably not as original as you say it is, but the genre is unique (to you) and the plot is ripe for exploring. So why not have a go?
That's the position I've found myself in over the past year and a half, as I've been working on a novel that hybrids Historical Fiction and Fantasy. It's been extremely exciting work on it, but there have, of course, been many nerves about originality and general quality. That being said, I can't keep away from it. The characters were developed right from the beginning, and the dynamics between them tend to fall into place more naturally than I'd ever expected. It's a character-driven story, and that means they need to have realistic connections to each other and the world around them.  
This realism is something I plan to touch on in the blog series, along with other aspects of my writing practices, my upcoming novel, and general fiction writing tips. I think there is a lot to learn from your own writing as well as from others, so I hope it will not only be educational for readers, but also, therapeutic for me.
Until next time, use those twenty six letter wisely!


Ryan N.

We Have Twenty Six Letters and a Billion Ways to Use Them!

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