How To Read Area of a Circle Formula

Reading Formulas can make or break how a student comprehends their formula when alone - outside the presence of the teacher, instructor, tutor, or parent.

Formula for Area of Circle:  A = π * r^2

Ineffective ways to read the area of a circle formula are as follows:

Area is π times the radius squared.
Area is π times the radius of the circle squared.
Area of a circle is π times the radius squared.
A equals π times r squared.

>>>> Why are these ways NOT effective ways to read this formula? <<<<<
1.       Students will recall and repeat what they hear their educators say.

2.       If students recall letters (A) versus words (Area of a Circle) they will not realize the connection with word problems.

3.       Half way reading the formula (radius versus radius of a circle) creates empty pockets or disconnects in student thinking.

4.       Train students to read formulas in a way that improves recall and applications (i.e. for word problems)

***This minor adjustment will produce significant results and has application across different disciplines that use formulas!!!!! 

Let me know your thoughts.


How would you suggest reading that formula instead, in order to maximize student understanding and easy application to word problems?
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