Making Languages Fun!

Five major tips to making learning a foreign language fun:
1. Make it applicable to your life. Learn stuff that you think is important to you, things that you'll use the most often, and things that will stick.
2. Integrate the culture. Learning a language is more than just learning how to speak. You want to learn how to understand other people, and how they think.
3. Make it a part of your routine. Try to do something that you normally do in English in your target language, though you should keep it simple in the beginning. Read a short story in Italian, instead of a novel in English. Follow a recipe for a simple cake in French instead of a recipe for a cake with fondant decorations in English.
4. Get your friends in on the fun. Learning a language is undeniably a social activity. There's nothing more entertaining than trying to learn a language with your friends, and messing up while you do it. Not only do your friends understand that you're a learner, they're more able to correct your mistakes, because they might know what you're doing wrong, because they'll probably use very similar material that you do.
5. Go to places where the target language is spoken. This is obviously one of the last steps in learning a language, because you need to build up your skills. By finally employing them with natives, you'll build more confidence and overall understand how to use it more.


Shashank R.

Private Foreign Language Tutor

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