Is it Time for Tutoring?

Have you ever asked your child: "How was school today?" Did you get "The Evil Eye"? Did he/she change the subject quickly? 
Well, something's not right at school. Often times it's in the classroom. Want to know which class? Keep an eye on those progress reports. Or better yet, register for your school's Parent Portal, a real-time update of how your child is fairing in each of her/his classes.
Some warning signs that It's Time for Tutoring:
  • HW completion rate is 0-50%;
  • Low test scores or falling test scores;
  • You used to see her/him doing HW at home but not any more;
Tutoring in fact provides students with something that many students crave while in school: Structure and Attention!
Students often get lost in the fast pace of day to day lessons, lectures and labs. Once they miss a concept, grades begin that slippery descent down hill and fast.
So catch the warning signs early and do something to help your child improve her/his academic success and confidence today.


Raymon S.

Creative & Innovative Tutor- Math, Science, ACT & SAT, HS/College

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