re: Lessons Learned Through Teaching Computer Skills

Every week a colleague and I teach very basic computer skills at a local community center in Harrisburg, PA.
I am astounded as to the amount of computer illiteracy there is in Central PA.  It is almost 2015 and by now, computers have become more affordable and accessible.  The one thing that they have not become is easy to use.  Tables and smart devices have rattled things up when the first usable table entered the market in 2010.  This was the first generation iPad.
In almost 5 years, that influence has continued in the desktop and laptop markets.  People who purchase a smart phone, are forced to use it, or at least, shown to use it by family/friends/grandchildren.  This is a good thing.  All of us can be tutors, passing on knowledge.
That is my goal here at WyzAnt as well as whenever I speak/teach.  I remind people to know things/tasks so well that you can teach others.  This is how people are raised up - through enlightenment.  We do not go anywhere by not engaging, not learning, and not helping others.
Let's get out there today and pass on something new to someone else.


Robert S.

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