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Hi all, 
 So I've reached capacity again this year on students, but I'm trying something new.  I've created a Waiting List rather than hiding my profile.   I'm curious if I'll have a number of students waiting for the same subjects, which will allow me to come up with new ways to help everyone.  Perhaps if I have several students uptown (or wherever) I will be able to offer a group lesson that any/everybody working on the same subjects can attend and help out people on the waiting list.

If you're looking to get inspired about Chemistry, I recommend you check out the very cool reactions in this video: 
Or if you're a student (or a parent) trying to convince yourself (or your child) about the importance of working hard at Math & Science, I recommend checking out these infographics:
Hope everybody's studying is and continues to go well! 


Hey Christopher,
    When you say you have reached capacity... I know the feeling. Right now I am tutoring more students than I can keep up with. I wanted to know if you are still creating this waiting list and if so if you have had an success with it?
Hi Kristen, 
 It's been a successful approach so far.  I've had several people contact me who are interested to be wait listed, and of those I've had one or two who maintained interest until the time when I could accommodate them.   In some regards I feel bummed out that I can't handle every request I get, and that not all of the wait list translates to lessons, but by not putting my profile to hidden as I used to when I reached capacity, I avoid 'rollercoastering' on my student load. 

I started out at roughly the same price point where you're at, when I was getting overwhelmed with requests as I'm sure you are. My advice is to carefully track locations of students to make sure you're optimizing your travel time and to start your waitlist with specific modifications on location i.e. you would waitlist anybody living further west from you, but if you already have students in Philly you're more likely to work them in if they live near one of your current students or are willing to travel to meet you at a convenient location for you.
You're in a pretty similar geographical situation to how I operate, if you'd like more detailed advice I could steal a half hour out of the coming week to Skype some advice or answer questions if you have any about transitioning your tutoring business to a more reasonable full time endeavor (I'm guessing its probably a little too crazy for your liking right now ;) ).



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