That Student Needs One-on_One Tutoring

Why one-on-one tutoring?
I remember well how I used to struggle - with math especially. I was fortunate that I could turn that around. But, that's a story for another day.
I used to be terrified of asking questions and of being asked a question in class. I used to sit in the back row and hide, so that the teacher (monster in my mind) would not ask me a question and I would have to make a public display of my ignorance. Looking back, my body language must have been screaming. There we have the first signs. Sitting at the back, body language, and trying to hide.
When I was caught - and had to answer a question (I NEVER put my hand up to offer an answer), I would blush and timidly offer my best guess and swear I was probably wrong. Next signs - trembling voice and blushing.
What's happening here is the heart is pounding and fear is mounting!
The last and  most obvious sign that a person needs help is - bad grades!
Hey! But, there is hope! I turned it around and your child can too - with one-on-one tutoring.


R Bruce N.

5 Stars (Top 1% USA) Algebra, Trig, Calculus, Physics, +

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