When is your design too much for your website?

Recently I had a student ask me "how do I know if my design is just too much for the site i am building?" My response to this was simple. If you have lost the vision of your message you are trying to portray then you need to dial it down.  Sure that is the simple answer right?  Actually to me it is the best answer.  Right no simple is more or at least this is the trend "Flat Designs". 
So what if you do not like a flat design and you want something with more pop?  Well you can go as big as you want as long as you do not miss out on the message. The website you are working on is one of the biggest marketing investments a company can make. It has to function, portray a message to grab a clients attention and be easy to follow and understand.  Sounds complex right?  Well not really the whole Idea is to turn visitors into Clicks and conversions.  So if the site has great meaningful content but is simple you will get conversions.  But if the site is all flash with no real content you wont see a conversion.  The whole idea is to not only create a graphic site that is tantalizing to the eyes but have content that relays the message completely.
So I am curious what others think.  Do you agree with this or do you feel I am totally wrong?


Kirk S.

Graphic Deisgn Specalist!

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