Getting Started

My first blog post, coming during my first month of tutoring. I guess it is a time for firsts, huh? 
Some general thoughts and reflections on my first student interactions and sessions...
First, the best students are eager students. A tutor can only do so much; we can plan and prepare, but the student has to be receptive. I'm lucky because the persons with whom I've worked in the last month are all wonderful, eager, and ready to learn. They put in the work, so they get the results. 
Second, time is what we make it. Tutors, prepare! Come with a plan! Work on that plan, then implement that plan. Don't waste your student's time; it's valuable, just like your time.
Third, be enthusiastic. When we share what we love (or in some cases, have a high emotional disdain for...but still that's an emotional response) with others, our work is made easy. Be passionate about the subject, or, at the very least, be passionate about helping the student succeed. When we do that, it ceases to be work and becomes a learning experience for us both.


Jonathan R.

College Professor for Reading, Writing, and Public Speaking

50+ hours
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