Great learning tools for French students

There are many components to learning a language, especially to learning the nuances of that language. We agree that the primary four are reading, speaking, writing and listening.

Here, we will focus on reading, and tell you a bit more about a wonderful learning tool you can access from your computer, at any time.

To begin, when reading French, choose according to your level.

At best, passages should not be too long so as not to confuse you.

French newspapers are a highly effective means for applying your knowledge of the language to active reading. If you have any doubts at all about the content, you can always go back to reading the English version of the newspaper.
So what’ s available? Lets have a look by level.

Level of French: Beginner to Intermediate:

20 minutes
20 minutes is the most recent of the French newspapers that is truly appropriate for beginner French learners. The concept for 20 minutes was introduced by a Scandinavian company. The moto is: it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to read the entire paper. The printed version of this paper is totally free of charge.

Leve of French: Intermediate

Le Parisien is a “populaire” newspaper. Take the word populaire in French : appreciated and applauded by most. Le Parisien, ofcourse, focuses most of its regard on Paris and her city life.

The level of French language in the paper is not too complex. Articles generally tend to be short and grammar used is accessible. The key component of Le Parisien is its local news, arrondissement by arrondissement, department by department.

Level of French: Advanced:

Le Monde is one of the oldest of French newspapers.

Its focus is defined by its name: “world” news. A lot of expert opinion and critical analysis is portrayed within its pages. Le Monde also gives considerable focus to various subjects, including Op-Eds and cultural/art columns.

Level of French: Advanced (Continued):

The final two papers which are ideal for advanced French-speakers are more different than alike: the first one is very conservative and the second very liberal (by French standards). We don’t recommend you begin browsing them unless you are prepared for some real opinions in either category (keep in mind, what is seen as conservative in France is seen as more liberal in the U.S., and vice versa.)

Le Figaro is very complex and its ideas absorbed by sophisticated language and nuanced etiquette.

It is more opinionated than Le Monde and focuses more on French and European issues.

Libération is one of the most liberal newspapers in France, and one of the oldest. Its focus is totally socialist and geared towards the politically-active left-winger in France.

Check out one of these papers online. Any questions or comments? Share them in this Blog.


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