First Session Tips for Students

Most students show up for a study session not really knowing what to expect. A tutor should ask you what you are having trouble with specifically, but if you don't know then neither will they.  The more you and your tutor know about what the problem is the better prepared the tutor will be to help you. Here are some tips for your first study session:
1. Bring everything you have for the class you are getting tutoring for including teacher's class notes, instructions and comments about you and your work if you can get them from him/her.
2. Expect to work. A tutor will guide you, not do the work for you.
3. Take notes. Taking notes both in class and during a tutoring session are important.  Notes don't have to be neat rows of writing. Draw pictures, use short-hand, write in Klingon, it doesn't matter as long as you can read them.
4. Make a list of questions before you meet your tutor, that way you won't miss an opportunity to get clarification.
5. Remember, in most cases it will take more than one session 


Stephanie J.

Nationally Certified Tutor in Specializing in English

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